Salera family releases open letter to UPLB

On January 20, 2017, father and aunt of the late CVM student Uriel Salera, Mr. Orlan Salera and Dr. Leila Salera came to the UPLB Perspective office in hopes and request of the release of their open letter. It read:

“Last December 20, 2016, my brother, Uriel’s father called our mother to tell her that the letter from the UPLB Student Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) has arrived. The SDT had ordered that the case of my nephew’s death that happened after undergoing the initiation activities of the Org. Rodeo Club be addressed by the Student Organization and Activities Division (SOAD). It also stated that the Org. complies to the provisions mentioned in the letter.

The decision was acceptable to us. It was fair. It does not in any way lessen the pain of our loss, but in some measurement, we felt that the SDT did their part, and with that I send these messages:

To the Org. that recruited my nephew, Uriel Salera.

Uriel was very excited to be part of your Org. His grandmother was totally against it, but because he wanted to truly experience everything that college had to offer, she relented and joined his father and me in supporting his desire to join you. He was willing to do everything just so he could become a member. He did his best to comply to your requirements. We did not share his enthusiasm, but we were proud of him, and it made us happy knowing how determined he was to finish what he started. He truly believed that becoming a member of your Org. would benefit him as a student and as a person.

That day we were so helpless. We could not do anything as my nephew lay lifeless. We could only take some small measurement of comfort knowing that he died with his family and did not suffer. It would have been so much more painful if he was taken and he was not with us. That is why we took offense when you said that we were not the only ones who suffered a loss, and that you did as well. The audacity of that statement saying you not only lost a recruit, but you also lost a friend. Years will go by and you will have new recruits. Most of them may become your friends. We will never have that luxury. No one will ever fill the void my nephew left when he passed away. That pain will never go away and none of you will ever understand that.

Uriel wanted to join your Org. He was recruited by your Org. Plain and simple. But is seems that you have decided that it was alright to have the mentality that you join at your own risk. Everything was voluntary and you were not forced. You join, take the risk. It comes out as you being satisfied that a recruit survives your initiation process, and will not care at all if a recruit does not. And because of that, you did nothing to ensure the safety of my nephew.

You said that you didn’t want to say anything anymore because you didn’t want to sound like you are defending yourselves too much. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? Defend yourselves? Which would appear more that you have something to hide? You defending yourselves, or you keeping silent? You were not forthcoming during the first meeting with the SDT. You only told us the whole truth during the second meeting and you kept mentioning the words “physically fit” regarding your recruits. You dare mention those words yet you failed to ensure the safety of your recruits including my nephew. What you made him go through was unacceptable. What would you have done if he collapsed during the initiation? The pain was already all to great when we he died in his father’s arms. You could and will never be able to imagine the pain if he died and he was away from his loved ones. 2016 was supposed to be a special year for Christmas in our family. It would have been the year that the whole family were together during Christmas since my father, Uriel’s grandfather had finally retired since he started working in the UAE since 2003. Our family would have been complete after spending so many holidays with his grandfather away from us. You have robbed us of that.

Know this. The family may have decided not to pursue any legal actions against you but do not in any way think that you are off the hook. We still hold you responsible. We will not forget this. My brother, Uriel’s father asked only one thing from you. Acknowledge my nephew’s death. Acknowledge your negligence, and let everyone know about it. Let my nephew’s death be a wake-up call. We want it published!

The statements you sent my brother just expressed your sentiments about my nephew but none of them acknowledged how you were not able to do your part in ensuring the safety of my nephew and all your recruits. None of those sentiments reflected how sorry you were for being so irresponsible, and none of those sentiments expressed how any of you will take responsibility over what happened. Let it serve as a stern warning. Be very careful and ensure the safety of your future recruits, and this goes to all the Orgs. Don’t let my nephew become just a statistic.”

According to Mr. Salera, the option to escalate the case further has always remained open. “I would like to comment upon the very lamentable way the Rodeo Club has handled the issue regarding the death of my only son and child, Uriel F. Salera. After 2 hearings with the SDT, after which we came to an agreement (or so I thought), that they would abide by my wishes for them to acknowledge my son and to put in writing that they will take the proper steps in order to avoid a repeat of this very tragic incident. All these are recorded. This did not happen,” he added.



BREAKING: UPLB Chancellor faces criminal raps


[UPDATED as of 25 February 2017, 4:05 PM]

Chancellor Fernando C. Sanchez, Jr. posted bail at the Los Baños Municipal Trial Court last February 20, Monday, for a defamation case lodged against him by fellow University officials. Additionally, an administrative complaint lodged against him is under review for an alleged violation of the Omnibus Election Code.

Based from official documents obtained by the UPLB Perspective, complainant Dr. Ruben Tanqueco, Physical Plant Maintenance and Service Office (PPMSO) director, claimed that the alleged defamatory statement happened on December 8, 2015, during a meeting with UPLB officials at the Office of the Chancellor. On the other hand, the University’s Human Resources Development Office (HRDO) Chief Officer Armando Palanca filed the administrative complaint.

Chief Officer Palanca was in the December 8 meeting. Palanca served as witness for the criminal case against Sanchez. The criminal case against Chancellor Sanchez for “Grave Oral Defamation” is set to be arraigned on March 8 by the Laguna Provincial Prosecutor.

For the administrative case against Sanchez, it has been stated that, “Palanca specifically alleged that Chancellor Sanchez (i) relieved him from his position as Chief Administrative Officer of HRDO on April 29, 2016; and (ii) appointed Nelson Jose Vincent B. Querijero, Associate Professor 7 as HRDO Chief on April 21, 2016, both of which were during the time when the election ban on appointment is effective.”

As of press time, Chancellor Sanchez has yet to comment on the matter. The UPLB Perspective will bring you more information as this story develops. [P]

BREAKING: CVM stude dies of heart failure

[FIRST UPDATE: 29 August 2016, 8:20 PM] UPLB Perspective has confirmed that Uriel Fabello Salera, an 18-year-old student of the College of Veterinary Medicine, passed away on Saturday, August 20, 2016.

Salera’s immediate family confirmed in an interview that Uriel’s cause of death is cardio-respiratory arrest. According to the student’s relatives, on Friday morning, he underwent a round of jogging at the Freedom Park. Salera went home to Calamba City, and arrived at around 9 p.m. of the same day. The jogging was part of the application process of an organization he intended to join.

The UPLB Perspective will bring you more information as we confirm details of this developing story. [P]

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 11.09.22 PM

SAIS replaces SystemOne

University of the Philippines’ Electronic UP (eUP) Project makes Student Academic Information System (SAIS) to be the new official online registration system of UPLB in lieu of SystemOne for the 1st semester, A.Y. 2016-2017.

A pilot run for SAIS was made during April 2013 in the UP System Office, and two UP campuses: UP Manila (UPM) and UP Open University (UPOU). On October 2013, SAIS was officially launched in UPM and UPOU. Moreover, an online mock enrollment with SAIS was held during the dates of April 26-28 and was extended until May 8 in UPLB.

With a five-year budget of P751.9 million, eUP makes use of imported system software from PeopleSoft Campus Solutions program, which is created and developed by the United States’ Oracle Database.

Big companies such as the Electronic Philippines Long Distance Telephone (ePLDT) Incorporated, Beacon Systems, and Smart Communications Incorporated, are main investors of Oracle and eUP. Under Oracle are five information management systems, which included SAIS.

SAIS has a lot more features than its predecessor, SystemOne, which will allow students not only to enroll in their preferred subjects, but to also pay for fees, to request for documents, and to view unofficial grades. Faculty and staff will also more easily manage enrollment and student requests online.

SAIS and eUP are all part of the “UP Strategic Plan 2011-2017: The Path to Greatness” which intended to turn UP into a globally competitive university alongside other top Asian campuses.

 SAIS VS SystemOne

First developed in 2004, SystemOne has been serving for the past 12 years as UPLB’s official online registration system (ORS). Over this course of time, various local IT-skilled students, professors, alumnis, etc. have contributed to develop SystemOne into the user-friendly software it is today.

According to SystemOne Administrator, Mr. Rommel V. Bulalacao, what makes it so user-friendly is its capability of guiding students towards courses in the university, available subjects, allowed number of units to take, and more. “[SystemOne] works in conjunction with REGIST and most of the features na sinasabi nilang student-friendly ay nanggaling din sa REGIST,” said Bulalacao.

However, with the arrival of the new academic year is the arrival of SAIS – a program that is “being used at over 800 campuses in more than 20 countries.”

When asked to compare SAIS with SystemOne, Prof. Bulalacao had this to say, “As a web developer, as an IT practitioner, nung tinignan ko yung site, meron talagang mga points of concern. And I’m not saying this because of my bias for being the administrator of SystemOne and developer ng SystemOne.”

Kung makikita nyo dun sa first page pa lang, you’re given this warning na yung operating system mo ay hindi supported ng system. It is very rare nowadays na meron kang web application na dependent sa operating system,” added Bulalacao. “That is so 90’s.”

Bulalacao explained that the reason operating systems were developed and upgraded was to patch up the security holes in the older versions and that these older operating systems were no longer as secure as the newer ones. “Now to ask the users to go back and install Windows 7, Windows XP; hindi sya magandang sign…. It’s a web application so it should work regardless of the [operating system].”

 Students react to SAIS

UPLB students have various opinions regarding the implementation of SAIS in the first semester. Despite its notoriety in universities and companies abroad, SAIS does not seem to be well-liked within the Elbi campus.

A student from the College of Arts and Science (CAS) has deemed SAIS as a hassle and questioning why SystemOne must be replaced when it was finally operating quickly and smoothly.

Coincidentally, one student from the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) finds the new ORS to be more complicated than its predecessor, saying that SystemOne was more comfortable to use because of the simple user interface.

From the College of Development Communication (CDC), a student states that it was “infuriating… because it was implemented in such short notice even though it is technically and aesthetically subpar.”

Another CAS student disliked the fact that SAIS was not user-friendly and says, “bukod sa sobrang hirap aralin kung papaano gamitin, ay napakamahal – mahal para sa klase ng serbisyong binibigay [nito].

Many students are still dubious of using SAIS instead of SystemOne due to the imperfect user-experience. With this in mind, Prof. Bulalacao advises the students to study the mechanics of SAIS instead, since it is what is available. [P]

First Published in UPLB Perspective Volume 42, Issue 3

#JunkSAIS: Student gets blocked by @UPLBofficial for calling them out

Photo by : Ed Jamito

It was destined to fail.

The Student Academic Information System (SAIS) implementation in the current UPLB’s registration system led to students going to the campus by 10 PM this July 30 with hopes to access the site as some students attest that it can be opened faster using the UPLB wifi.

It was later confirmed by the University Student Council through the SAIS team that access is better using UPLB’s internet connection. The post has then received violent reactions from students.


Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 11.04.35 PM

Amidst safety concerns within the campus due to the recent rape incident, curfew was lifted in front the Physical Sciences building in order for students to access the SAIS site.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 10.58.40 PM

As of 12:31 AM, July 31, around 200 students were gathered in the Physical Sciences Building trying to enlist their subjects using the UPLB wifi.physci.PNG

There were also some students assembled beside and along the College of Economics and Management and School of Environment Science and Management at 12:49 AM.


“The USC is trying its best to help out the students. We have been coordinating with the OUR and the SAIS team. We have been monitoring the SAIS group round the clock
Right now, some USC members are stationed at physci to monitor and check on the students there as well. We are trying our very best to address all the concerns of the students. Nahihirapan din naman kami kasi medyo hindi buo or malinaw yung information na binibigay nila at times when we have queries sa OUR or sa SAIS team.
Nakapag labas na ang USC together with other college student Councils ng statement regarding SAIS. Sana mapansin na ng admin at marealize nila ano na ang nagyayari. Napansin na tayo ng ibang tao at media, sila wala pa ring ginawa,” USC Councilor Sairah Mae Saipudin said in an interview.

Student gets blocked by UPLB Twitter Account

A student was blocked by the University of the Philippines Twitter account (@UPLBOfficial) for calling them out on the social networking site for reposting Instagram posts instead of helping students amidst the registration debacle.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 10.53.43 PM


The UPLB Twitter account managed by the Office of Public Relations (OPR) has since been asked to comment about the issue. The publication hasn’t received any reply yet as of 12:59 AM, July 31. [P]




#JunkSAIS: SAIS Registration Leads to Chaos

UPLB’s second day of online registration heated up in social media as the scheduled regular students to enlist at 12AM on July 29 were not able to access the Student Academic Information System site even before the arranged time.

At 2:03 AM, Chris Salvatierra, a staff from the e-UP team, announced in the official Facebook group of SAIS users and developers that the SAIS team is working on the fluctuating status and continuous crashing of the site. Salvatierra apologized for the late announcement and stated that the site may be accessed at 9:00 AM on the same day. Confusions and rants from the students piled up in the morning upon confirmation that certain students were able to enlist their subjects and reserve their slots after having been able to access the site at around 3:30AM – contradicting to the statement of the e-UP staff that the system will be down up until 9:00 AM.

At 9:46 AM, the University Student Council released a statement in their Facebook page about the council’s proposal of a full reversion of slots and operation of the SystemOne instead of the SAIS for this coming semester’s registration. This statement earned different reactions from the studentry.

On the side of the students

Patrick Tenedero, a graduating Electrical Engineering student, told his experience in the registration system, “Sa online reg na ‘to, pareho kong na-experience ‘yung madali at ‘yung mahirap na way. Doon kasi sa first day, wala masyadong pressure sa pag-eenlist namin since unang-una kaming mga graduating na sumabak sa UP SAIS. Meanwhile, sa pag-eenlist ko para sa friend ko noong 2nd day, doon ko na-experience yung laki ng pagkakaiba sa hirap ng enlistment ng mga nasa 1st at 2nd day. Sa 16 online registrations na inabutan ko sa buong stay ko sa UP, ngayon lang nagkaroon ng tahasang diskriminasyon sa mga estudyante kung saan tinanggalan ng karapatan ang marami sa isang patas at maayos na registration system–something na dapat ikahiya ng UP admin.”

Ian Patrick Esguerra, an irregular Veterinary Medicine student, expressed his sentiment on the prioritization of registration “Yung paghiwalayin pa ang regulars at irregulars? Parang hindi na siguro necessary. Pantay pantay na dapat dito. Dahil kahit naman may nabagsak na kami, parepareho lang naman natin gustong maka-sablay. Wala na ba kami chance makabawi? O makahabol?”

Ivan Aguilar, a regular Mathematics and Science Teaching student, said, “Nanaig yung dismaya kasi maraming pagkukulang yung administration – kulang sa preparation, mga mock enrollment, at trials at info dissemination. Pero mas nangingibabaw yung pagiging proud ko sa mga students na laging binibuhay yung kultura ng bayanihan lalo na sa mga ganitong oras at kalagayan!”


 On the side of the student council

Amidst the registration chaos, the University Student Council members try to reach out to every concern the students and first time SAIS users address to their office. The following statements are the messages they would like to relay to every UPLB student:

“I have always said that the registration process is difficult, to say the least. In such times of desperation, we forget that our greatest enemies here are not ourselves nor the UP faculty and staff, but the very system of injustice we are facing. The very reason why students are fighting for their own slots and why we have resorted to a new but far inferior system when our very own homegrown registration software works well is all interconnected. We must always remember that the fullest implementation of SAIS is a part of a bigger scheme: make UP a self-reliant institution. And as part of the University Student Council, I urge the students to be critical and not think just at the surface level, but think about as well of why such phenomena are happening; why we are being divided. It is high time to let go of our personal biases and think of the common welfare of every UPLB student, not just the majority but as well as the minority. Division, most of the time, comes from confusion. Until then, we would only realize that UPLB is built on student movement, through collective action and unity among us. Only then we would achieve what’s ours, our right for education.” said Janssen Andrew Calvelo, USC Councilor.


“Bale kahapon talaga mahirap i-handle yung dami ng mga studyanteng nagrereklamo at nagagalit tungkol sa SAIS. Sanay naman na tayo sa mga nagwawala online kapag padating na yung enrollment pero this time iba rin talaga yung pagka-agit ng mga estudyante sa hindi makatarungan na 12mn na oras ng enrollment. Mabuti nalang rin at may initiative ang CEATSC na bumuo nung Student Academic Information System Bulletin Board. Karamihan ng estudyante akala ginawa yun ng SAIS Team, pero nag effort lang talaga ang mga student council na mabuo yun para mabigyan ng tamang impormasyon ang mga estudyante, at para maging madali ang pagkuha namin ng mga concern nila na pwedeng masolusyonan at magtulungan lahat. Pagdating ng bandang alas-dose, sobrang dami nang nagpo-post, mga meme, nagmumura, nagwawala, hindi na namin ma-maintain yung group.

At this point nakikiusap na kami as USC na i-down na yung server kasi napaka-unfair naman nito para sa mga umuwi na, sa mga walang access dahil sarado na yung comp shop, lahat. Ang nakakalungkot pa dun, yung ibang estudyante sinisisi pa kami pagdating sa mga problemang ‘to, eh ang ginagawa namin ay nakikipagcoordinate naman talaga sa SAIS team and maaga palang sinusubukan na namin macontact yung offices ng admin pero wala silang reply.

Nung mga 5:00 na, umabot na kami sa punto na kailangan nang pagusapan yun ngang reversion ng slots. Nagdiscussion kami kung kailangan ba talaga ‘yon, kung ano ba magiging implication nun. Narating namin yung ganung decision kasi ang nangyayari so far ay sobrang biased against dun sa mahihirap na estudyante; sa mga estudyanteng walang pang computer shop, yung mga umuuwi ng madaling araw.

Gising ang USC buong magdamag. Inaakala ng mga estudyante na tinulugan namin ‘to, pero buong magdamag kausap namin si Sir Chris sa kung ano ba ang pwedeng magawa pa sa mga estudyante. Nakakalungkot din na may mga ilan na sinasabi pa na kaya lang namin gusto gawin iyong reversion kasi wala din kaming slots. Pero yung decision talaga dun sa reversion ay hindi naging madali sa amin. Nag-emergency meeting pa ang USC at 7AM para ma-formalize na namin ang mga proposal namin sa admin para dun.

Mahirap yung decision, sobra. Alam naming hindi siya magiging popular, o kaya maraming magagalit sa amin, pero naniniwala at naninindigan ang konseho na ang SAIS ay walang ginawa kung hindi i-divide ang mga studyante into a disgusting caste system kung saan binibigyan priority ang mga studyante na ‘regular’ kuno at pinapahirapan ang mga irregular. Na sobrang problematic ng sistema nila at may mga estudyanteng sobrang arbitrary ng pagiging irregular, walang proper system in place.

May isang nanay na lumapit sa akin, kinuwento niya na yung anak niya daw sobrang naiyak nung nalaman niyang irregular siya, eh nagmidyear naman siya. Incoming sophomore palang yung bata, pinaghihirapan niya yung pagaaral niya at may GWA na 1.5, pero ayon daw sa SAIS irregular siya. Yun ba yung tama at efficient na sistema? May mga estudyanteng hindi nagmidyear, o kaya nag loan or humiram ng libro sa library, pero pagtingin nila sa SAIS nila may holds sila mula sa mga ‘to. May kulang pa daw silang bayad, o kaya hindi binabalik na libro. out of nowhere. Mga estudyante ‘tong walang ginagawang mali, pero ninanakawan ng karapatan nilang mag-aral dahil sa palpak na sistema ng SAIS

Kinonsider rin namin yung mga estudyanteng nakakuha na ng slots sa SAIS siyempre pero kung iisipin natin, hindi naging patas ang sistema at may nakakalamang, at ang ginagawa lamang nito ay pinaglalaban ang mga estudyante sa isa’t isa. Ang nakikita na lang natin ngayon na problema ngayon ay SAIS, pero hindi natin nakikita yung mga pinagdadaanan ng kapwa nating Iskolar

Sobrang sakit talaga sa puso nung mga nanay na lumalapit sa amin na nagsasabi na naawa daw sila sa anak nila dahil pinaghihirapan nila yung pinagaaralan nila o kaya wala silang magawa kung hindi magdasal na lang para sa anak nila nung sinabihan sila na kailangan nilang magpagabi sa labas dahil lang sa SAIS. Iyon yung mga hindi nakikita ng mga estudyante eh. na hindi naman tayo dapat nagaaway sa isa’t isa. dapat walang estudyanteng swerte sa ganitong slots, o swerte sa ganitong subject. Lahat tayo pinapahirapan ng ganitong sistema. madalas nalang nagiging bulag tayo sa pinagdadaanan ng kapwa nating Iskolar. Nawawala yung spirit ng oblation, yung pagiging handang magsakripisyo para sa iba ng walang pagaalinlangan.” according to Jason Del Rosario, CDC Representative to the USC.

#JunkSAIS placed first in the Philippine Trends on Twitter due to the rage of the first time SAIS users.

According to Former Student Regent Mico Pangalangan’s End of Term Report on the 42nd General Assembly of Student Councils, the P750 million project of President Alfredo E. Pascual, the e-UP project, is now estimated to cost into P1 billion. [P]


#JunkSAIS: Mas Malala sa Singko

May mas lalala pa ba sa singko ko? Tanong ni isko.

Maagang nakaraan nitong Nobyembre ay sabi-sabi na ang pag-iimplementa ng bagong online registration na papalit sa ating pinakamamahal na SystemOne, ang Student Academic Information System o kilala bilang SAIS sa karamihan.

Ito ay isa sa mga pinakong plano ni President Pascual para sa naturang overtake upang tuluyang ikomersalisya ang edukasyon sa UP—sa pamamagitan ng eUP (Electronic UP) na may katagang “One university, one UP”. Ito lamang ay pinagkagastosan ng naglalakihang P745 milyon sa unang taong implementasyon lamang, para i-konekta at pamahalaan ang mga information systems at database sa buong UP system. Itong kontrobersiyal na proyekto ng UP at PLDT ay nagpadilim ng tingin sa administrasyon ng UPLB; dagliang winakasan ang ating sariling SystemOne.

Ang pagimplementa ng SAIS sa iba’t ibang campus tulad ng UP Manila at UP Cebu ay nagdulot ng maraming glitches na nakapag-delay ng pagsimula ng klase sa UPM. Dagdag pa rito, hindi rin ito nakapagbigay ng buong listahan ng mga dapat bayaran sa matrikula ng mga estudyante; at sa problemang ito, iisa lamang ang nagawang damage control kundi ang mano-mano na registration.

Sa dinami-dami ng paasa sa mundo, wala nang mas sasakit pa sa paasang pagtanggal ng mga serbisyo at pagbawas sa kalidad ng edukasyon. Isa ang eUP sa mga nagpa-preview ng literal, ng mga disensyo nito. Agarang nabighani ang mga estudyante ng UPLB sa mga features at makabagong iskema nito. Tuluyang nagbigay-linaw at ilaw sa estudyante na may kapakinabangan pala ang mga binabayarang matataas na tuition sa UP at buwis ng mga mamamayang Pilipino.

Ngunit nakaligtaan ng administrasyon ang butas sa mga kapitalistang panaginip, hindi raw handa ang UPLB sa eUP project—may mga problemang teknikal at isyung seguridad na hindi pa naaayos. Kaya biglaang tinalikdan ng administrasyon ang SAIS—isang pagtalikod sa mga pinangakong serbisyong kay dami rami, at pag-iwan ng isang pitakang walang laman. Tanong ni isko, “San na napunta ngayon ang pinag-ipunang P745 milyon niyo mula sa’min?”

SAIS (1).png

Sa pagtigil ng SystemOne, wala nang babalikan pa ang administrasyon kundi bumalik sa dating gawi: ang manual registration. Si Iskong nasa Facebook feed nito sa internet ay nabalitaang pipila na siya sa susunod na semestre at wala na ang SystemOne kung saan walang ka-hassle-hassle para sa kanya; sinasamantalahan niya ito gamit ang high-speed internet nila sa bahay. Burgis ka at burgis na dahilan, sabi nila. Pero matatawag bang burgis at laki sa layaw kung may substansya ang reklamo? Ipaglaban mo isko; nagbabayad tayo at hindi papayag na bawasan ang kalidad ng serbisyo dahil lang sa kasakimang mga pangarap ng administrasyon.

Noong 13 Nobyembre, nagtalaga ng malawakang walkout sa Unibersidad upang labanan ang komersiyalisasyon sa UP at pagkundena sa negosyong iskema ng eUP at SAIS. Iilang araw bago ang petsa ng naturang walkout, binalik ng administrasyon ang SystemOne, sa malamang na kadahilang hindi na matuloy ang walkout dahil nabigay na ng alternatibo; ngunit wala sa agenda ang tumahan para sa naghahagulgol na sistema.

Hindi maanig ni elitistang isko ang punto ng walkout, pero patuloy na nagmartsa palabas ang mga kaklase niya—at ipinaglaban at ipinagtanggol siya.

Anong mas malala pa sa singko? Syempre, ‘ung dinagdagan—SAIS. [P]