#OblationRun2015: Fraternity members call for the youth’s involvement in 2016 elections

The Alpha Phi Omega (APO) Theta Chapter of UPLB held its annual Oblation Run today, December 1, with its theme “Boto Mo, May Pagbabago.”

Bannering their calls for the youth’s involvement in the forthcoming 2016 national elections, fraternity members held a symbolic run along the Oblation Park. Higher state subsidy and demands for social services, passage of Genuine Agrarian Reform Bill were also among the issues highlighted in the event. Symbolizing “a selfless offering of one’s self to country,” the Oblation Run or the Ritual Dance of the Brave is annual event held as a protest action against social issues.

Meanwhile, the UPLB Perspective received reports that the University Police Force barred the vehicle boarding the fraternity members from entering the campus. Allegedly, the activity did not have a permit. In an interview with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs (OVCCA), the publication has found out that the University Student Council (USC) failed to submit a letter of permission for the said event.

Nevertheless, the traditional ritual pushed through despite the absence of permit to conduct activity after verbal agreements were made between the USC and the OVCCA. [P]



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