#UPLBNextChancellor | Chancellor candidates present vision to students


The activities for the selection of the new UPLB chancellor continues as the three nominees presented their visions, missions, and thrusts to the students Thursday morning at the DL Umali Auditorium. candidates for the next UPLB chancellor.

The nominees are incumbent Chancellor Dr. Rex Victor O. Cruz, Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development Fernando C. Sanchez, Jr.,  and Graduate School (GS) Dean Jose V. Camacho, Jr.

The program started with an invocation followed by the national anthem. Prof. Rex B. Demafelis, Chair, UPLB Chancellor Search Committee formally started the presentation of the nominees with an opening remark.

Vice Chancellor Fernando C. Sanchez is the first one to deliver his vision presentation, ‘Unity in diversity: A Forward Looking Globally Competitive Research University’. It was followed by the presentation of GS Dean Jose V. Camacho, Jr.’s ‘Leveling UP’. Chancellor Rex Victor O. Cruz’ ‘A Globally Competitive National University’ is the last one to be presented.

The vision presentation is followed by three questions for the nominees from the University Student Council (USC) Chairperson Allen Lemuel Lemence that were formulated by the UPLB studentry during the Council of Student Leaders (CSL) consultation which was held yesterday. It was followed by an open forum. The questions came from the League of Filipino Students (LFS) UPLB, College of Development Communication Student Council (CDC SC), College of Economics and Management Student Council (CEM SC) and UPLB Perspective.

The program officially ended with closing remarks from Asst. Prof. Emmanuel V. Dumlao. [p]

This story will be updated from time to time as the editorial staff continues to review the proceedings. Check back this post for more.

For more of UPLB Perspective’s coverage of the search for the next UPLB chancellor, see #UPLBNextChancellor on Twitter.


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