“Revolt” USC’s focus in Feb Fair ’14


The University Student Council (USC) is busy preparing for the week-long February Fair this year, set on February 11-15.

“Revolution” will be this year’s theme, as it aims to “raise awareness on issues for the past year, both campus-wide and national, and call for action regarding these issues”, said Ronald Gem Celestial, USC Councilor and Head of the Feb Fair Volunteer Corps.

The annual fair is not just a week of festivities, live bands, food trips, and hanging out, but also a commemoration of the struggle of the students who fought for their rights during the Martial Law. The fair, which dates back to 1972 and originally observed during the month of September, started as a protest fair to express the student’s opposition to the Martial Law, which abolished the students’ right to assemble.

When asked what students can expect for this year’s fair, Celestial said that they are going for events and activities that instill revolution in all aspects.

The USC is also setting up a volunteer corps and recruiting students who are willing to help in the preparations for this year’s fair.

Councilor Aika Baniaga heads the Fair Committee, while USC chairperson Arthur Holt heads the Programs Committee. [P]


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